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Mental Health

The Mass General Brigham Employee Assistance Program is available to help with a variety of mental health issues and concerns. Coping with a mental health problem for you, a family member, or friend can be challenging and navigating the mental health system can seem overwhelming for all those impacted. Below are some helpful resources. Please contact the EAP at 866-724-4327 if you need further assistance for yourself or someone you care about.


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Suicide Prevention


Mass General Brigham EAP RU OK? Program
Reaching out to a colleague to ask, “RU OK?”

Information about Specific Mental Health Conditions

Suicide Prevention

The topic of suicide is often not discussed or stigmatized.  Having feelings of being suicidal or interacting with someone who is struggling with this can seem intimidating or scary. However, most people who have suicidal ideation (thoughts of suicide) can be helped and go on to recover and thrive. An important step is understanding suicide and how to get or provide help. We offer some general resources below. If you have concerns, contact the EAP or one of the hotlines listed. In an emergency, always call 911.

General Resources


Hotlines & Assistance

Resources for at-risk Populations

There are certain groups which have higher risk for and prevalence of suicide. Below are some resources for these populations:

Common Treatments for Mental Health Conditions

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & iCBT


SilverCloud iCBT Program for MGB Employees & Immediate Family Household Members
For some, online CBT (iCBT) can be helpful and convenient. SilverCloud is a free online, self-directed course CBT course, which includes some added well-being activities, for individuals with low to moderate levels of depression or anxiety. SilverCloud can help clients to manage their symptoms using modules in:
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Stress
– Insomnia

IHP students and immediate family household members (over the age of 18) can access this program via a mobile device or desktop computer. Referrals can be done via your PCP, the EAP or self-referral with code (MGB2020).

Help with Getting a Referral

Considerations when Seeking a Referral

Whether you seek a provider through the EAP or another source, you will want to identify how to best meet your needs. You may not get to “tick every box” if you want a referral more quickly. Like many relationships, the therapeutic one should be a good fit for you. Try to be open-minded and avoid immediate judgment. It may take a few sessions to know if you have a reasonable match. Some factors to consider:

  • Therapist characteristics – specialty, gender
  • Type of intervention needed
  • Visit frequency
  • Office/clinic type – hospital-based, agency, private practice
  • Timing – do you need help immediately, what accommodates your schedule?
  • Setting/Platform – in-person, virtual (video, online program, phone)

What to Expect with a Referral through the EAP

All employees and family household members who want to discuss an issue, they can contact the EAP for an assessment or assistance with a referral.  You can request an appointment at866-724-4327 or via our online form for confidential assistance. Here are some things you can expect from an appointment:

  • One or more sessions with an EAP counselor to provide an assessment of the problem and to identify options for assistance and/or a referral.
  • The EAP counselor will work within your insurance coverage and preferences (location, time, clinician characteristics) to identify a suitable therapist.
  • Please note that requests for evening or weekend appointments and in-person therapy tend to represent longer wait times.
  • The EAP is a free service but referrals outside the EAP typically have costs (some covered by insurance and some not, for example, co-pays).

MGB Mental Health Connections

Mental Health Connections (MHC) at Mass General Brigham for employees and their families
MHC’s is a clinical assessment service connecting MGB employees and their immediate family members (spouses, partners, dependents) with the most appropriate and accessible behavioral health treatment, both within and outside the system, in a timely and efficient way. Contact MHC by email at To learn about what mental health resources you are eligible to use click here.

Lyra for Mass General Brigham Health Plan select & Plus Health Plan Members

Lyra Health offers immediate access to a care navigator and individualized care, including self-guided programs, coaching, therapy, and medication management. Lyra is available to Mass General Brigham employees with Mass General Brigham Health Plan Select or Plus plans and their families. Learn more at or call Mass General Brigham Health Plan customer service at 844-451-3520.

MGB Employee Mental Health Clinics

Mass General Brigham employees, faculty and staff have access to some internal mental health clinics for care. You may self refer or go through the EAP to get a referral. Please check for eligibility.

Other Therapy Referral Pathways

Please note that the EAP does not vet or specifically endorse the  providers listed in these platforms.


Mental Health & Diverse Populations
Coping with Mental Illness
Mental Health Research Programs at Mass General Brigham

The Mass General Brigham hospitals are leading researchers in Psychiatry and Neuroscience.
These programs committed to better understanding mental health, and to using that knowledge to create more effective treatments. Patients and volunteers in these programs are an important part of that work. Sometimes these programs offer quicker avenues to accessing treatment. Below is some information on these programs. Please consult your provider or these programs to learn more.

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