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Parenting is a very rewarding experience, but there are times when any parent may want to seek guidance on issues related to raising children. Below are some resources that you might find helpful. Please contact the Mass General Brigham Employee Assistance Program at 866-724-4327 if you need further assistance.


EAP News Articles


EAP Parenting Programing

Expert advice on breastfeeding to challenges with children of all ages


EAP Virtual Support Groups

Online Discussion & Support Group for Moms

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Monthly Zoom meetings (12:00pm, every 2nd Wed) that allow mothers to share and learn with their colleagues, no matter the age of their children. During each session, experts share information, leaving time for questions and discussion. Participants are welcome to join the session as their schedule allows.

Monthly Moms’ Next Step Group - (Confidential, Divorce and Separation Support)

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A virtual support group for moms who are divorced or are in the middle of separation and divorce. Meetings, which attendees view as confidential, occasionally include experts—attorneys, mental health professionals, EAP staff—and most often are devoted to sharing, mutual support, and problem solving.

General Child Development, Parenting Resources and Supports
New Baby Supports - Lactation, Leave of Absence, Postpartum Mental Health
Resources for Mental Health and Substance Misuse in Children and Adolescents

Dealing with a mental health or substance misuse issue with kids can seem overwhelming. Below we offer some resources. If you think your child might need professional help, visit our section on getting a referral.

Children and Grief
Supports for Bullying
Helping Kids Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

As is the case with adults, kids can benefit from maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Things such as getting enough sleep and eating well can help kids to thrive in school and activities, and minimize stress.


Families with Special Needs & Education Supports
Fertility & Adoption Resources
Single Parenting and Divorce Resources
Working and Parenting
Childcare and Youth Activities
Children & Technology
Helping Children Develop & Maintain Healthy Relationships
Navigating Current Events with Children
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