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July Mental Health Series – Minority Mental Health Month

The EAP has seen an increase in employee stress levels and requests for assistance. Therefore, for the month of July, […]

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Young People are at High Risk for Opioid-Related Overdose

EAP Ask the Expert: Scott Weiner, MD, MPH – Chief, Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Health Policy and Public […]

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Personal Safety for Women: Self-defense Goes Way Beyond the Physical

EAP Ask the Expert: Jennifer Goba, Senior Manager of Investigations and Workplace Violence – Police, Security & Outside Services – […]

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The Drawbacks of Using Alcohol to Cope

EAP Ask the Expert: John Kelly, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Director – Recovery Research Institute, Associate Director – Center for […]

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1657670400 Jul
Cultivating Mindfulness

This 60 minute webinar will discuss 5 key aspects of mindfulness, debunk comm…

1658966400 Jul
Navigating Market Volatility

Join our Navigating Market Volatility webinar and get answers to questions li…

1658966400 Jul
Managing the Impact of Critical Incidents: Helping Build Workplace Resilience

This 45-minute webinar for managers is designed to help managers handle the i…

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