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EAP Manager and Supervisor Webinars: Supporting Employees During COVID-19
The EAP is offering a series of 30 Minute Webinars to help managers and supervisors support employees dealing with stress, anxiety and grief related to COVID-19. Register to participate and understand more about these challenges and identify employees who may be struggling. This series aims to help managers guide employees to resources to help them to cope and thrive inside and outside of work.... more

Grief and Grieving During COVID-19
Experiencing grief at any time is a sad and challenging experience. Grieving during COVID-19 can be even more difficult as we cannot utilize the same types of coping mechanisms, supports and rituals that are traditionally available and helpful... more

EAP Daily Stress and Resilience Sessions
EAP is offering free mini-sessions (10 minutes!) to learn new relaxation techniques and help stay present. Partners employees and household members - please take a moment to pre-register and join us for as many as you wish. Be well! ... more

Fighting the Financial Fallout from COVID-19
Partners EAP is gathering a host of helpful postings and regularly updated articles covering a range of financial needs.... more

In an Abusive Relationship? Staying safe During COVID-19
Avoiding public spaces and working remotely can help to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but for many domestic abuse survivors, staying home may not be the safest option. The National Domestic Violence Hotline has produced online resources specifically geared towards these extra challenges ... more

Building Resilience in Healthcare Workers
Healthcare workers may face exceptional challenges and more safety risks than the general population. It is beneficial to find ways to manage anxiety, enhance self-care and build resilience... more

Massachusetts Exempt Emergency Child Care Programs
Do not contact an emergency child care program unless you require emergency, back-up, drop-in care and you have no other options. Priority includes health care workers... more

EAP COVID-19 Support
We are available to help support our employees through this stressful and uncertain time. Information and resources for Partners employees can be found... more

Coping and Overcoming Isolation during Social Distancing
With social distancing in effect, one challenge many are facing is isolation. While everyone’s situation is unique, here are some considerations and strategies for managing the decrease in social connection... more

Are you interested in cutting back or quitting tobacco or vape use?
Thinking about quitting? Check out these resources... more

This content was last modified on: 05/18/2020

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