COVID-19 Information and Resources
COVID-19 Resources
Free & Confidential Services for Employees, Physicians, Professional Staff & IHP Students

Coping with COVID-19

The Mass General Brigham workforce continues to do an amazing job responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the system, there are many examples (both on the front lines and remotely), of quality care, innovation, adaptability and dedication.  The resources below are tailored to provide support, whether you are coping with issues related COVID and  Pandemic transitions. Confidential help from EAP is just a phone call away.


Latest Updates

  • MGB COVID Return to Work Policies
  • Childcare for COVID Exposed Children Backup Care for COVID Expose Children– Per Bright Horizons policy, exposed children cannot get in home backup care for five days post exposure.
    – Regarding children who are asymptomatic and test negative,  Sittercity policy is that parents and sitters will have to determine what is best in each circumstance. Parents should clearly communicate expectations during the hiring process.

Bright Horizons Four Traditional Care Centers Implement Test and Stay
In four Traditional Child Care Centers, if child is exposed, they have implemented test and stay in mid-May 2022:
MGH Children’s Center
IHP Children’s Quarters 
McLean Child Care Center 
Children’s Center at Assembly Row


EAP COVID-related News Features 

COVID Information for Mass General Brigham Employees (Includes Vaccine Updates)

Occupational Health Services Employee Hotline

  • Employee Hotline for Mass General Brigham Healthcare Employees and other members:

    Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm.
    Sat-Sun 8am-12:00pm.
  • Reporting your symptoms or illnesses and receiving guidance on when to return to work if you have questions after you have completed the employee illness report using this online tool.
  • Health concerns related to potential COVID-19 exposures
  • Specific testing for COVID-19

Coronavirus Information (Including Return-to-work Requirements) for the MGB Workforce

Mass General Brigham - Attestation Process Required for Employees Working onsite

To ensure you and your colleagues are able to enter the building quickly and safely, especially during peak times, please:

  • Have your Day Pass ready to show either on your phone or in print at the attestation area by visiting at www.Mass General before you arrive.
  • To the best of your ability, maintain a distance of six feet between yourself and other staff members when attesting, especially manually.
  • When you have completed attestation, immediately put your mask on before proceeding to your work area. Staff are expected to wear masks at all times while on premises.

Information on Vaccines

Booster Shot Information for Employees

MGB Booster Shot Requirements

Mass General Brigham is also offering booster shots to employees who are eligible per the CDC’s recommendation. Eligible employees may schedule their booster shot appointment at a Mass General Brigham location via COVID Pass.

•  You may still get a COVID-19 vaccination, including a booster shot, is in your local community. There are many sites, including CVS and Walgreens, offering free vaccine booster shots. You can search, visit or to find a location near you. You can also text your zip code to 438829 or call 1-800-232-0233 to find a location.

Document your Vaccine & Booster Status

  • If you receive your COVID-19 booster shot at a Mass General Brigham location, your vaccination will automatically be shared with Occupational Health System Services if you previously provided consent to share your COVID-19 vaccination information with HR and Occupational Health during our recent COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
  • If you receive a booster at a Mass General Brigham location and have not previously provided consent to share your vaccination information, you can do so now through PeopleSoft. You may also email your COVID-19 booster documentation directly to Occupational Health at By providing consent, your vaccine information is accessed from Epic using an automated data extract that only pulls the COVID-19 vaccine and booster information, including vaccine manufacturer and date(s) of administration. No other medical information is accessed.
  • If you receive your COVID-19 booster shot at a non-Mass General Brigham location (CVS, Walgreens, etc.), you should submit booster documentation directly to Occupational Health System Services at for entry into your Occupational Health record. Booster documentation must include name and date of birth.

Human Resources is working on showing booster compliance in PeopleSoft. An update will be provided when this feature becomes available.

Additional information about obtaining a COVID-19 vaccine can be found on The Pulse.

Information on Vaccines – Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Mass.Gov – Commonwealth of Massachusetts Vaccine Information

Vaccines & Kids
Cleveland Clinic – Talking to Kids about the Vaccine

Vaccine Equity
We Got Us Project – Empowerment through Education

Empowering communities with accurate science information and public health resources such as the COVID vaccine. Connects Black community members and organizations with trusted Black healthcare professionals and students.

Where We Work

Commonwealth COVID-19 Leave Program

Massachusetts has a COVID-19 Temporary Emergency Paid Sick Leave program, which went into effect on May 28 2021 and provides all employees with a job-protected, paid leave of absence of up to 40 hours for certain reasons related to COVID-19. Examples of time covered under this program include time off for isolation/quarantine and recovery from COVID, to care for a family member with COVID and for getting COVID vaccinations and any necessary recovery time after vaccination. View the legal notice, which includes a complete list of eligible leave criteria.

Effective June 14 2022, this new leave program replaces the current Mass General Brigham COVID Pay programs for employee illness, testing and recovery. This program covers all employees at all affiliates, including those who work in states other than Massachusetts. Employees currently receiving pay under any Mass General Brigham COVID Pay program will be unaffected.

Review additional information via MGB COVID Pay FAQs, on Ask My HR and Mass.Gov. If you have questions regarding the new law or resulting policy changes, please contact the HR Support Center by opening an online request or calling 1-833-275-6947 during normal business hours.

General COVID-19 Information
Multicultural & Equity COVID-19 Resources
Resources for Children and Families - COVID (School, Emotional Support & Childcare)

Under normal circumstances, balancing work and family responsibilities can be a challenge. Since the Pandemic began, there have been added stresses, from finding affordable care, managing children’s learning needs and helping children cope emotionally. The Mass General Brigham Employee Assistance Program is available to help you and your family navigate these challenging times. Below are some resources that you might find useful. For further assistance, contact the EAP at 866-724-4327 or request an appointment via our online form.

EAP News Feature – Navigating the System when your Child has Dyslexia or other Learning Disability

CBS Boston – MGH Psychologist, Ellen Braaten, Discusses when Parents should feel Comfortable Leaving Children Home Alone

Childcare & Summer Activities

General Childcare Resources 

Visit MGB Childcare Resources via AskMyHR – for full resources and information on:

  • Mass General Brigham Childcare Centers for (on-site regular and back-up care)
  • Bright Horizons (on-site and in-home care)
  • Other vendors (SitterCity and College Nannies in-home care) Mass General Brigham Childcare Centers for (on-site regular and back-up care)
  • Bright Horizons (on-site and in-home care)
  • Other vendors – SitterCity and College Nannies (in-home care)

Finding Childcare and Subsidy Opportunities in the Community

Full Mass General Brigham EAP Childcare Resources

Financial Assistance (COVID)

Financial Resource Center for Mass General Brigham Employees

Employees, staff and immediate family household members have access to financial education and free 30-minute sessions with financial experts. If you have concerns or questions about topics such as budgeting, debt, college financing, retirement or estate planning, for access call the EAP at 866-724-4327 or the weblink via AskmyHR.

Emergency Assistance and Community Support

Housing Financial Assistance (COVID)

Financial Assistance with Funeral Expenses

Health Insurance

All health insurance carriers are required to provide medically necessary testing, treatment, and telehealth services for COVID-19. This must be provided without a copay, use of coinsurance or deductible

Financial Resources for Pet Care

Full Mass General Brigham EAP Financial Well-being Resources

Housing Resources (COVID)

The Mass General Brigham Employee Assistance Program is available to help you problem solve housing issues, such as those related to rent or mortgage, and housing searches.

The Federal eviction moratorium is no longer in effect, and the City of Boston moratorium was struck down in the Housing Court in March, 2022. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has protections in place (recently extended) through March 2023.

  • Courts must pause non-payment eviction cases when tenants have pending applications for rental assistance.  Click here for information on rental assistance
  • Landlords must submit a copy of a  Notice to quit attestation form and submission information for any eviction notice for nonpayment of rent given to a residential tenant

COVID Housing Crisis & Shelter Resources

Information on MA Utilities and Fuel Assistance during the Pandemic

Full Mass General Brigham EAP Housing Resources

Stress, Mental Health & Substance Misuse

The COVID-19 Pandemic  has been a challenge to navigate on both a practical and emotional level. We are all trying to manage our lives and responsibilities related to work, family or community. It is important to take a step back to remind ourselves how to cope in the midst of stressful circumstances. Healthcare workers are accustomed to being caretakers. However, we must remember to meet our own health and wellbeing needs. This is necessary for personal contentment at work and at home. Below are some resources relevant to self-care and stress management.

Please contact the Mass General Brigham EAP at 866-724-4327 if you have concerns about yourself, a colleague or a loved one.



EAP Article

EAP Mindfulness Article – Featuring Dr. Darshan Mehta


Managing Stress and Mental Health

  • MGB EAP – Mental Health Resources
  • The SilverCloud iCBT Program for MGB Employees SilverCloud is a free online, self-directed course in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other well-being activities, for individuals with low to moderate levels of depression or anxiety. SilverCloud can help clients to manage their symptoms using these modules: Space from Depression; Space from Anxiety; Space from Stress; Space from Insomnia; Resilience; and COVID-19. An MGB PCP is not needed for employees, household members and IHP students to access SilverCloud.  Employees, IHP students and household members can access this program via a mobile device or desktop computer. You can be referred by your PCP or the EAP or you can self-refer.
  • Ask Co-workers R U OK?

Maintaining Mindfulness and Calm

Free Programs and Apps

 All Apps

Grief and Grieving during COVID-19

Experiencing grief at any time is sad and challenging. However, during COVID many of us have had to cope with cumulative grief. This may lead to less time, attention and support to heal from each loss.  Grief is a unique process for each individual. If you are experiencing prolonged or severe symptoms of grief, call the EAP at 1-866-724-4327

General COVID Grief Resources

Helping Children with Grief

Spiritual Care Resources

How Managers Can Help the Health Care Work Force Cope with Grief during COVID

Mass General Brigham employees have responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic with compassion, medical innovation, clinical expertise. Some may still be experiencing considerable stress and grief, personally or related to  loss and cumulative grief.

The Employee Assistance Program is available to provide assistance to managers, work groups and individuals. Below are some resources to help you support your employees. Please contact the EAP if you need consultations about assisting your work group.

Staying Safe from Intimate Partner & Child Abuse (COVID)

The Pandemic has been a particularly stressful and dangerous time for survivors of intimate partner abuse, because many have not been in a position to leave unhealthy relationships.  Mass General Brigham employees and immediate-family household members concerned about their safety can contact the EAP at 866-724-4327 for assistance. Below is some relevant information.

Staying Healthy while Working Remotely (COVID)

A significant segment of the Mass General Brigham workforce has been working from home, either part or full-time since the start of the Pandemic. Some may thrive with remote work and others prefer to be on site. Although remote work may be “business as usual”, it’s important to take a step back to consider how to stay motivated, healthy and connected. Below are some ideas for being productive through routine, balance and self-kindness. This is a trial and error process and may not look the same for everyone.

For further assistance, please contact the EAP at 866-724-4327.

Workspace Health - Maintaining Boundaries and being Productive

  • Have a set work schedule and daily routine (as you do when you work on site). Maintain regular log-on and log-off times
  • Have a designated and separate workspace (as feasible). Have meals away from your “desk” and don’t work in the kitchen if possible
  • Have a signal (sign etc.) to indicate to others when there are blocks of time in which you can’t be disturbed
  • Take planned breaks and a designated lunch
  • Remove news and social media alerts from your devices while working
  • Put your mobile phone on airplane mode or off while working
  • Do not take work breaks on a screen
  • Find ways (calendar, tasks, paper or eraser board) to organize your workday and set your priorities
  • Make sure confidential work conversations, clinical interactions and content are kept private
  • Don’t leave devices or paperwork accessible (just as you would not at work)
  • Lock your computer when away from your desk
  • Use only password protected Wi-Fi networks

Your Physical Health while Working from Home

Staying Healthy while at your Desk

Supports for Veterans and Families (COVID)

Veterans have been particularly impacted during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Below are supports available to help veterans and their family members stay healthy and connected.
Please contact the EAP at 866-724-4327 for further assistance.

Resources for Persons with Disabilities (COVID)
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