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Navigating the System when your Child has Dyslexia or other Learning Disability

EAP- Ask the Expert: Ellen Braaten, PhD., Director, MGH Learning and Emotional Assessment Program, and featuring guidance from Leslie Strachan, […]

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Accessing Therapy – Why you might want to Consider Virtual Options

Therapy Referrals are in High Demand  Looking for a mental health referral? If so, you are not alone. The Mass […]

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Why is Everyone Talking about Mindfulness?

EAP “Ask the Expert” – Darshan Mehta, MD, MPH, Mind Body Medicine Expert at MGB If any of the following […]

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Getting Back on Track with Healthy Eating during the Pandemic Transition

EAP “Ask the Expert” – Nancy Oliveira, MS, RD, LDN, CDCES, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. The Pandemic is a […]

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Upcoming Webinars / Seminars

Date Name
1643241600 Jan
EAP Mini Session: Progressive Relaxation

Learn about your body’s response to stress by helping identify points of te…

1643673600 Feb
EAP Mini-Sessions: Grounding Mountain Meditation

A simple guided meditation which uses the imagery of a mountain. This exercis…

1643846400 Feb
EAP Mini-Sessions: Floating on a Lake

This exercise is designed to help you relax by guiding a visualization of gen…

1644278400 Feb
30 Minute Yoga at Your Desk

A relaxing, thirty minute chair yoga practice to stretch your tight muscles a…

1644451200 Feb
EAP Mini-Sessions: Guided Imagery - A Trip to the Beach

This 10 minute guided visualization is designed to help you get away from it …

1644883200 Feb
EAP Mini-Sessions: Hand Meditation

Feel grounded and centered through this relaxing exercise focusing on your ha…

1645056000 Feb
EAP Mini-Sessions: Autogenic Training - Self relaxation

This 10 minute relaxation technique is designed to help reduce tension and an…

1645488000 Feb
EAP Mini-Sessions: 10 Minute Yoga at Your Desk

This ten-minute chair yoga practice is designed to stretch your tight muscles…

1643241600 Jan
Changing Relationships: You and Your Aging Parents

Learn how to communicate more calmly and productively with aging parents who …

1647302400 Mar
Mortgage Refinancing

Is there a right time to refinance your mortgage? Find out the pros and cons …

1655251200 Jun
Women and Money Management

Women tend to live longer and earn less than men, so it’s important that th…

1644451200 Feb
What Every Manager Should Know about the EAP: A Work&Life Resource

This 60 minute webinar is specifically designed to help managers and supervis…

There are no Upcoming Webinars or Seminars, at this time.

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