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Tragedy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Jeffersontown, Kentucky
Partners EAP resources are available to all Partners employees, staff and IHP students impacted by the shootings that took place at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood and at Jeffersontown, Kentucky in which two black women were killed in a supermarket after the assailant failed to gain access to a predominately black church. Partners EAP sends their deepest sympathies to the victims, police officers, family and friends of the members of the congregations. This EAP page has articles such as “Coping Tips During Challenging Times” and “Talking with Kids about Mass Shootings” ... more

November is National Family Caregiver Month
It is a time to acknowledge the important role that family, friends and neighbors play in caring for sick, elderly and disabled friends and relations. It is estimated that at any given time 44 million people in the U.S. are acting as Caregivers. These true heroes rise to the demands and challenges of that role every day. For information on Caregiving... more

Partners EAP offers “Mothers’ Corner” lactation rooms for Partners moms
The Mothers' Corner is an EAP program for Partners employees and IHP students returning after maternity leave. The Mothers' Corner provides new mothers with the opportunity to continue breastfeeding at work or school. Mothers are required to pre-register to use the lactation rooms a week prior to returning. To see where the rooms are located and to learn more about registering... more

Remembering and honoring our Veterans
Veterans devoted themselves to something greater by protecting our country. Honoring a veteran can be as simple as taking time to remember and reflect on their service or expressing personal thanks and gratitude. You can support veterans in many ways... more

Fostering Gratitude
Gratitude is a tool that has been identified to cultivate happiness. But what really is gratitude and how does one become more grateful? Explore our page on gratitude and learn more about how to practice it and its benefits... more

Relax with a one-minute meditation
Want to try myStrength's online wellbeing website but not ready to sign up? Take a moment to relax with a one- minute meditation... more

Quit Smoking
Thinking about quitting smoking? Check out these resources... more

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