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Immigration Concerns?
Are you or a family member worried about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE?) Here are some local immigration resources... more

Retirement Preparation
As you approach retirement, you may wonder about the next chapter in your life. Partners EAP can partner with you in this life transition to provide resources and guidance. For information to help you explore and shape possibilities for retirement... more

Marijuana Facts
Marijuana use for people 21 years old and older is legal in Massachusetts. There are mixed feelings about the use of marijuana in the community but education on cannabis can help you stay informed. With new research studies coming out, we can expect to learn more about cannabis, its use and effects. Please visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse website for more information... more

The Impact of Burnout in Healthcare
Burnout is the result of a combination of factors and there can be different reasons that lead to burnout. As our institutions work to address systemic issues, Partners EAP can help to support the ongoing self-care and resiliency skills that our staff and employees strive to maintain. To read about the causes and ways to address some of the symptoms you may be experiencing, visit... more

Pregnancy and Early Parenting
myStrength, the confidential, online wellbeing tool offered by Partners EAP, has launched its new program on Pregnancy and Early Parenting! Designed to help expectant and new parents navigate challenges related to pregnancy and the early years of parenthood, this program will provide employees with resources on integrating healthy behaviors and present diverse approaches to getting help. New parents can read articles like Your Journey to Parenthood, for real time support ... more

Looking for Summer Activities for Your Kids?
Summer is right around the corner! With summer vacation coming up, you may be struggling to find fun activities for your children. We have created a list for you of affordable activities in Boston that are fun and will bring your family together... more

Quit Smoking
Thinking about quitting smoking? Check out these resources... more

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