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Improving your Financial Wellbeing
The New Year provides an opportunity for revisiting our wellbeing goals which can include financial goals. Sometimes those holiday bills feel overwhelming. EAP offers resources, information and tools to help you address your financial concerns... more

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions
Setting a small goal and practicing it will help you create a new habit. Here is a tool to help you succeed in keeping your resolution for 2020... more

Summer Camps and Activities
Planning summer care for your school age child can be very stressful and a significant financial commitment. It is never too early to start looking. EAP can provide you with summer camp resources... more

Social Media Mindfulness
Take a moment to think about the forms of social media you use and how often you use each. Considering the benefits of social media (connection to others, staying informed, inspiration) and the downsides of social media (lost time that could be spent doing more meaningful activities, productivity, strain on eyes) is a good step toward making your use of it more intentional and positive. Learn about developing healthy social media habits... more

Quit Smoking
Thinking about quitting smoking? Check out these resources... more

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