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Social Media Mindfulness
Take a moment to think about the forms of social media you use and how often you use each. Considering the benefits of social media (connection to others, staying informed, inspiration) and the downsides of social media (lost time that could be spent doing more meaningful activities, productivity, strain on eyes) is a good step toward making your use of it more intentional and positive. Learn about developing healthy social media habits... more

National Impaired Driving Prevention Month
The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is described by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals as “one of the deadliest and most dangerous times on America’s roadways due to an increase in impaired driving.” This month we are all encouraged to drive sober, and defensively. You may be planning to go to a few holiday parties or even just to have a few drinks with the family. Do not make the mistake of getting behind the wheel; it could cost you or someone else their life... more

Tips for the Holidays
The holiday season coincides with less daylight, potentially darker moods and increased family/financial stress. EAP is a resource to minimize stressors, and to learn strategies to juggle holiday demands and to make your holidays more enjoyable. For information on holiday stress... more

Quit Smoking
Thinking about quitting smoking? Check out these resources... more

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