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Senseless Shootings at Two Mosques in New Zealand
We join our Partners community and many throughout the world in mourning the lives of the 49 people killed. The EAP offers personal coping tips... more

National Unplug Days March 1-2, 2019
Take some time to connect with loved ones, have an uninterrupted lunch with a co-worker, or read a book to your child. It’s a great opportunity to create lasting memories, and possibly check something off your bucket list. For more information on finding a healthy digital balance, please visit ... more

International Women’s Day (IWD) 3/8/19
The theme for 2019 is Balance for Better. The IWD Campaign seeks to promote gender balance in all aspects of society including the workplace, government and media. #Balanceforbetter advocates that gender balance is essential for economies and communities to thrive. To learn about International Women’s Day events happening near you... more

Cultivating Compassion for Yourself
Often, the person we are least compassionate towards is ourselves. We all have experienced feeling not good enough. Mindfulness allows you to see beyond these self-criticisms and love yourself for who you are. Here’s a quick exercise... more

White Ribbon DV Campaign
The White Ribbon Day initiative is a worldwide campaign that encourages men and boys to be part of the solution to end violence against women and all gender-based violence by promoting the concept of positive masculinity. To learn more about how you can participate or about the campaign, visit Jane Doe’s website... more

Healthy Communication
Effective and healthy communication is a learned skill and a foundation for positive relationships in our lives. But what does healthy communication look like? Visit our webpage to read about some practical tips for communicating effectively... more

Do you want to learn how to communicate effectively?
Join Partners EAP’s Effective Communication Webinar on March 19, 2019 at 12:00PM – 1:00PM. The ability to effectively communicate with others is one of the most powerful tools for personal and/or professional success. Learn methods to effectively listen and be a better communicator. To register, please visit... more

Summer Camp Fairs and Open Houses
Planning summer care for your school age child can be very stressful and a significant financial commitment. With summer camp fairs happening in January, it is never too early to start looking. EAP can provide you with information on summer camp fairs, open houses and more... more

Quit Smoking
Thinking about quitting smoking? Check out these resources... more

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