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January 1, 2021

Sleep – the Secret to Good Health

Although sleep is something we all do every day, it is clear that many of us either do not get enough sleep or quality sleep. Aside from the obvious – feeling or looking tired, the impact sleep deprivation can affect:

  • Mental health (mood, ability to cope)
  • Cognitive functioning (concentration, memory)
  • Physical health (weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, cardiac)
  • Personal safety (work, driving)

During the Pandemic, good sleep has been even more elusive due to increased stress, changes in lifestyle and disruption of routines. Please know that you are not alone if you have been having trouble sleeping lately. A recent Mass General Brigham EAP Webinar, entitled “Getting your Best Sleep”, presented by John Winklelman, MD, PhD, MGH had almost 400 registrants. View the Webinar to learn the basics of understanding and improving your sleep.

Here are a few other resources about sleep:


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