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Increase Your Holiday Joy by Lowering Your Holiday Stress

The holiday season is upon us and for many of us that means added stress. The EAP wants to help reduce those stressors so you can relax and enjoy the season’s celebrations!  When it comes to time, money, and social commitments, most people are trying to do too much. 

Here are some strategies to make your holidays more enjoyable:

Decide your priorities: Simplify holiday commitments and make realistic expectations. 

Plan family and friend time: Make plans to be with those you care about. The planned time can be about being together and sharing instead of how many or how big gifts will be.

Have a plan about spending: Create a holiday budget and set limits. Don’t spend more than you are comfortable with; instead give low cost or homemade gifts. For more information, check out these two pages: Holiday Financial Stress and Repaying Holiday Debt

Rest and exercise: We require rest and exercise to stay healthy throughout the season. Continue your regular exercise; some exercise is better than no exercise.

Experiencing “holiday blues”? Some people may feel increasingly blue or depressed during the holiday season. Signs can include sadness, trouble sleeping, loss of interest and enjoyment, trouble focusing or hopelessness. If these feelings become intense or persist, seek professional assistance. Acknowledging your feelings and seeking help will be a first step to addressing the blues and feeling better.


For more information or to discuss stress and resilience concerns please contact Partners Employee Assistance Program at 1-866-724-4EAP.

In case of emergency, please call 911 or your local hospital emergency service. 



This content was last modified on: 06/02/2017

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In case of emergency, please call 911 or your local hospital emergency service.

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