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Managing Your Response to the Release of the Film Patriot's Day about the Boston Marathon Bombing

The release of the film about the Boston Marathon Bombing (and the publicity about it) can trigger uncomfortable memories, whether you were affected in a professional or personal way by the events the week of 4-15-13.  Healing from such a tragedy can be a long journey. Here are some points to consider:

Common reactions: You may re-experience thoughts and emotions and when they happen you may be surprised. Although reactions may be unsettling, they are to be expected. 

Prepare:  Allow for the possibility of a reaction.  Having strong emotions and memories do not mean something is wrong.  If you can recognize the thoughts and emotions, you can manage them.  If the reaction is very intense or lasts a long time, talk to someone you trust.  Prepare yourself by making active decisions about whether to watch the film or read about it.

Caring for you: Pay attention to your own needs; if you begin to feel distress, take yourself out of the situation or use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and positive self talk. 

Reach out: Consider getting help if your response is too intense or lasts too long. If you are having trouble concentrating, sleep problems or flashbacks, check in with the EAP or a healthcare professional. Support can be very helpful.  All of us have the capacity for resilience. 


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This content was last modified on: 12/28/2016

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