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Coronavirus Features

Here are features posted on the EAP website about the Coronavirus pandemic:

MA Gov. Baker closes non-essential businesses; stay at home advisory until April 7th
Essential travel is not banned. MA residents can still access critical services and stores. Let's protect each other! If you are working from home or furloughed from your job, please don't go out... more

Massachusetts Exempt Emergency Child Care Programs
Do not contact an emergency child care program unless you require emergency, back-up, drop-in care and you have no other options. Priority includes health care workers... more

Partners Employee Assistance Program (EAP) COVID-19 Support
Employee Assistance Program is available to help support our employees through this stressful and uncertain time. Information and resources for Partners employees can be found... more

EAP Daily Stress and Resilience Sessions
The EAP recognizes that this is an extraordinarily stressful time due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. In response we are offering free mini-sessions (10 minutes!) to learn new relaxation techniques and help stay present. Partners employees and household members - please take a moment to pre-register and join us for as many as you wish. Be well! ... more

Coping and Overcoming Isolation during Social Distancing
With social distancing in effect, one challenge many are facing is isolation. While everyone’s situation is unique, here are some considerations and strategies for managing the decrease in social connection... more

Talking With Children about the Coronavirus Pandemic
The outbreak of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has created a lot of anxiety and uncertainty for all of us, including children and teens. During stressful times, not matter what their age, children want to know if they and their families are safe... more

Create an emergency plan to prepare for the Coronavirus
Focus on things you have control over by creating an emergency plan, so you and your family will know what to do in a crisis... more

Managing the Fear of Coronavirus
Due to reports of Coronavirus cases in the U.S., many people are expressing fear and anxiety about this potentially serious illness. While it is understandable to worry about the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones, it is important to manage our anxiety. Taking care of your emotions, especially during times of higher stress and anxiety, is a good first step to protecting yourself and those you love... more


This content was last modified on: 03/23/2020

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