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Choosing a Summer Camp

As summertime is fast approaching, it requires working parents to consider how to best fill the ten plus weeks of summer that your child is not in school.  In addition to finding a camp that your child will enjoy, the cost, transportation and hours are important to consider in making your choice.

Some questions to consider in choosing a camp:

Does your child have special interests he or she would like to pursue, i.e. sports, theater, art, scouts?

Could your child benefit from additional summer focus on his or her academic challenges?

Is your child’s activity level important in choosing a camp? 
Does your child need an environment with structure and a lot of oversight, or with less structure and more freedom to choose daily activities?

Is swimming important to you or your child?

Would your child be interested in an overnight camp or prefer a day camp?

What is your budget for summer camp?

There are many different types of camps including day camps, overnight camps and specialty camps.  They vary on cost, and many run from AM to PM with before and after camp child care.

Most camps do not provide transportation, but may provide lists of other parents interested in car pooling or can link parents up who live in the same community.

Similar to choosing preschool age child care, it is possible to visit a camp, meet the director and get parent references.  Many camps will have open houses in the spring, so it’s best to seek out camp options early. 

Some questions to consider in screening a camp for your child:

What is the camp’s philosophy, are there goals or a handbook?

What is the camper/staff ratio?

How long has the camp been in existence?

How long has the director been running the camp, and what is the rate of return for both the counselors and campers?

What training is provided for camp counselors?

What is the camp schedule and what do they do on rainy/bad weather days?

Is there medical personnel on site and how are medical emergencies handled?

If your child has allergies or health concerns, how does the camp accommodate your child’s needs?

How does the staff manage difficult behavior in children?

If you are looking at an overnight camp, what are the sleeping arrangements and how does the staff manage sleep difficulties or homesickness?

As we enjoy the upcoming warm weather, planning and coordinating summer schedules requires flexibility.  Planning ahead can reduce the stress of summertime care for children.



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This content was last modified on: 03/24/2017

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