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100 Activities for Kids

Having a hard time finding things to do with your kids over school vacation? Here are 100 activities that are low cost or free:

  1. Fly a kite.
  2. Go to a farmer’s market.
  3. Go fishing.
  4. Make fruit kabobs.
  5. Have a puzzle race. Use 100 piece puzzles and see who finishes first.
  6. Play a board game such as Candyland, chess or Monopoly, depending on age.
  7. Camp out in the backyard.
  8. Invite friends and make a party of it.
  9. Experiment with new hairdos. Try out non-permanent colors or braids.
  10. Plant a tree.
  11. Bake cookies.
  12. Play Frisbee.
  13. Write a story and draw pictures.
  14. Have a fashion show.
  15. Visit a historical site.
  16. Visit a rest home facility.
  17. Go to the library.
  18. Run through your sprinkler.
  19. Watch clouds.
  20. Go on a hike.
  21. Paint rocks.
  22. Pick wildflowers.
  23. Set up a lemonade stand.
  24. Go to a free concert in a park.
  25. Play tag.
  26. Go canoeing.
  27. Play miniature golf.
  28. Visit a fire station.
  29. Practice your swing at a batting cage.
  30. Go to a yard sale.
  31. Go horseback riding.
  32. Have a tea party.
  33. Try a new food.
  34. Play hopscotch.
  35. Have a garage sale.
  36. Play soccer.
  37. Volunteer.
  38. Make a time capsule.
  39. Tie-dye a shirt.
  40. Make a fairy garden.
  41. Collect rocks.
  42. Play with finger paint.
  43. Make a bird feeder.
  44. Take a walk and bird watch.
  45. Play Simon Says.
  46. Tell jokes.
  47. Learn a song.
  48. Make thank you cards.
  49. Have a pillow fight.
  50. Write in a journal.
  51. Go to a carnival or county fair.
  52. Build a fort.
  53. Paint with watercolors.
  54. Have a magic show.
  55. Have a talent show.
  56. Visit a historic house.
  57. Have a 3-legged race.
  58. Have a puppet show.
  59. Make soap.
  60. Have a face painting party.
  61. Play broom hockey.
  62. Play tic tac toe.
  63. Have a breakfast picnic.
  64. Play badminton.
  65. Color.
  66. Have a snowball fight (with handmade newspaper snowballs).
  67. Have a summer scavenger hunt.
  68. Have a balloon race with water balloons.
  69. Blow bubbles.
  70. Go on a nature walk.
  71. Read books outside.
  72. Sign up for a summer reading program.
  73. Wake up early and watch the sunrise.
  74. Take a family bike ride.
  75. Throw an obstacle course party.
  76. Have a dance party.
  77. Do outdoor yoga.
  78. Make a family photo book.
  79. Write a summer bucket list.
  80. Feed the ducks.
  81. Play with sidewalk chalk.
  82. Play tennis.
  83. Make a summer scrapbook.
  84. Jump rope.
  85. Climb a tree.
  86. Play hide and seek.
  87. Play charades.
  88. Draw a map of your house.
  89. Make a family tree.
  90. Do some origami.
  91. Write letters to soldiers.
  92. Play a game of kickball.
  93. Put on a play.
  94. Learn a new skill together (learn to juggle, hula hoop, etc.).
  95. Fly paper planes.
  96. Get some magazines and create a collage.
  97. Draw portraits of each other.
  98. Do crossword puzzles.
  99. Play I spy.
  100. String beads.

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