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How to Look for Child Care: Child Care Provider Checklist

Telephone Interview

Preliminary Questions

  1. How many children are in the program?  Are they full-time? Part-time?
  2. What are the children’s ages?
  3. What are the days and hours of the program?
  4. Is it open during the holidays and school closings?
  5. How many adults are there?
  6. Have all the staff been screened by the Office of Child Care Services? (OCCS)
  7. Have all the staff completed First Aid and Child CPR courses?
  8. Can parents visit any time they want?
  9. What are the fees for the program?  Are meals included?
  10. Is transportation available?

In-Person Visit

The Child Care Provider

  1. What is the provider’s background and training?
  2. Does the provider enjoy his or her work?
  3. Is the provider warm, gentle and calm?
  4. How does the provider treat the children in the program?
  5. How do the children in the program seem to feel about the provider?
  6. What kind of discipline does the provider use and when?
  7. How does the provider handle toilet training?
  8. How does the provider handle separation anxiety?
  9. How does the provider handle tantrums?
  10. How does the provider resolve conflicts between children?
  11. What does the provider do when a child cries or is upset?
  12. Does your child like the provider?
  13. Is there anything about the provider that makes you uncomfortable?

The Environment

  1. Is the space clean, tidy and inviting?
  2. Is there a place for the children to nap or rest?
  3. Are there safety caps on electrical outlets?
  4. Is there a safe, outdoor play area or park nearby?
  5. Are all household cleaners and medicines in a locked cabinet?
  6. Are there fire alarms, fire extinguishers and a second exit?
  7. Are there toys, books, art supplies and games for your child’s age group?

The Daily Program

1.     What is the typical daily schedule?
2.     How much free play time do the children have?
3.     What sort of activities do children do alone?  One-on-one with the provider?  In a group?
4.     Does the provider read to the children?
5.     Does the provider let the children watch television?
6.     How often and for how long do the children get to play outdoors?
7.     How often and for how long do the children nap?
8.     What kind of meals and snacks do the children receive?
9.     How often does the provider take the children on field trips?
10.   Is the program licensed by the Office of Child Care Services?


Content provided with permission from the Action For Boston Community Development, Inc. (ABCD)


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