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Think about the following questions before you try to stop smoking. You may want to talk about your answers with your healthcare provider.

1. Why do you want to quit?

2. When you tried to quit in the past, what helped and what didn't?

3. What will be the most difficult situations for you after you quit? How will you plan to handle them?

4. Who can help you through the tough times? Your family? Friends? Health care provider?

5. What pleasures do you get from smoking? What ways can you still get pleasure if you quit?

Here are some questions to ask your health care provider.

1. How can you help me to be successful at quitting?

2. What medication do you think would be best for me and how should I take it?

3. What should I do if I need more help?

4. What is smoking withdrawal like? How can I get information on withdrawal?

Quitting is hard. Usually people make 2 or 3 tries or more before finally being able to quit.  Each time you try to quit you can learn about what helps and what hurts. More evidence-based information on tobacco addiction is available in Research Reports from the US National Institute of Health.

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