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Address Your Stress with Recorded Mini-Sessions!

The EAP offers short videos to learn new relaxation techniques and help stay present.           

Breathing Techniques

Belly Breathing (10 minutes) Practice a deep breathing technique that encourages full oxygen exchange. It can slow your heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure.

Ocean Breath and Virtual Walk on the Beach new! (10 minutes)
Learn the “Ocean Breath” technique and take a relaxing walk on the beach.

Take a Deep Breath  (13 minutes) These simple practices help you become aware of your breath; join us for several breathing exercises. 

Physical/Stress-Relieving Exercises

Autogenic Training - Self Relaxation  (10 minutes) Experience a relaxation technique that can be used to help reduce tension and anxiety.

Body Awareness  (8 minutes) Learn a grounding technique to help you stay present.

Body Scan (9 minutes) Learn an easy technique for identifying and releasing tension in your body. 

Deep Muscle Relaxation (14 minutes) Relax your muscles and your mind.

Progressive Relaxation  (19 minutes) Learn more about your body’s response to stress by helping identify points of tension and learning to relax them.

Mind-Body Connection Meditation (10 minutes) Did you know that our thoughts are connected to emotional experiences and physical sensations? Practicing this exercise can help you concentrate and feel more emotionally stable. 

Mindful Movement  (19 minutes)  Join Thich Nhat Hahn’s classic series of ten mindful movements, moving your body with intention and grace. 

Yoga at Your Desk  (10 minutes)  A mini-session to learn yoga poses you can do at your desk.

Yoga at Your Desk (16 minutes) Stretch your tight muscles and ease your busy mind! Update – EAP sessions now via phone/video only, no in-person visits.


Visualization Exercises

A Trip to the Beach (11 minutes) Get away from it all with a guided visualization of a walk on the beach. 

A Walk in the Park (9 minutes) Join us for a relaxing virtual visit to the park.

Anchoring into the Present  (12 minutes) Participate in a sensory awareness exercise designed to help move from heightened external awareness to improved internal awareness.

Calming Meditation (11 minutes) Try an EAP mini-session to help you to manage Coronavirus anxiety during a challenging time.

Float on a Lake (9 minutes) Relax and visualize floating on a lake, letting go of stress and anxiety. 

Grounding Yourself in the Midst of Uncertainty   (10 minutes) Join a mini-session to help you calm and center your mind.

Guided Imagery Relaxation  (12 minutes) This video helps you get away from it all with a guided visualization.

Guided Imagery: The Garden (6 minutes)  Take a relaxing virtual walk in the garden.

Hand Meditation (9 minutes)  Feel grounded and centered with an exercise focusing on your hands.

Inner Stability Amidst Chaos (12 minutes)  Practice Jon Kabat-Zinn’s classic meditation exercise. Learn to “be the mountain.”

Insight Imagery (7 minutes) Use guided imagery to let go of negative emotions and encourage the presence of positive ones.

Meditation with a Visual Focus  (8 minutes) Learn a technique to improve concentration and prevent distracting thoughts from surfacing by keeping your attention on a single visualized object.

Protective Bubble Meditation  (13 minutes) Try a guided meditation and visualization exercise to help you ground your body and apply a protective bubble around your energy.

Rainbow Meditation (8 minutes) You will be guided through a visualization exercise involving all the colors of the rainbow.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation  (11 minutes)  Practice using a powerful tool for preventing or stopping Alzheimer’s disease, increasing cognitive function, reducing stress and improving short-term memory.

Sitting Meditation  (13 minutes) Take a brief break for a quiet and simple meditation practice.

Sunlight Meditation   (12 minutes) Engage in a visualization exercise to reduce anxiety.



A Laughing Exercise (7 minutes) Humor and laughter are important ways we can cope with daily stressors. In this brief session we practice laughing in various ways.

Loving Kindness Meditation (13 minutes) Practicing kindness can help you realize that you are not alone, and that stress is part of the human experience.

Mindful Eating (start at 3 min; 12 minutes) Become more mindful about your eating during this stressful time.

Mindful Eating Exercise  (11 minutes)  Participate in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s  classic mindfulness exercise - you will never eat a raisin the same way again!  

Mindfulness in the Workplace  (30 minutes) Training to help you to develop body and breath awareness, loving-kindness and compassion.

Self-Love Meditation  (10 minutes) Learn something new about yourself and tune into your physical and emotional needs. Let self-love enable you to build a stronger relationship with yourself and allow you to show up more fully in your life.

Smile and Be Happy Meditation  (11 minutes) new!  Register now! An exercise to help increase your positive feelings.

Videos en Español -
Spanish Videos

Entrenamiento Autogénico  (11 minutos) Experimente una técnica de relajación que puedes usar para ayudar a reducir la tensión y la ansiedad.
Autogenic Training – Spanish

Relajación Guiada: El Bosque y El Mar (10 minutos)  YouTube Video - Relájate como te imaginas haciendo un viaje al bosque y al mar.
Guided Relaxation – The Woods and the Sea – Spanish

Meditación guiada de 10 minutos   Video de YouTube - 10 minutos para iniciarte en la meditación 
Guided meditation in Spanish

For MGH IHP students, Mass General Brigham employees and household members seeking support, please contact the EAP at 866-724-4327. 

In case of emergency, please call 911 or your local hospital emergency service. 

This content was last modified on: 06/29/2020

Partners EAP is not a service for the general public.

In case of emergency, please call 911 or your local hospital emergency service.

Call Us: 1-866-724-4EAP